Fake Biggie Smalls Arrested For Scamming New York Hotels

AllHipHop Staff

A con artist has been busted running a scam in the legendary rapper's name.

(AllHipHop News) A Florida-born con artist pulled a fast one in the name of rap legend Biggie Smalls.

According to reports, Clayton Jacobs ran a scam with a phony credit card and booked rooms at the pricey at the Mondrian Hotel in New York.

Jacobs checked in under an assumed name - Biggie Smalls - and manage to stay for three months.

Incredibly, it took months for employees at the hotel to catch on to the scam.

In total, Clayton Jacobs is accused of living it up during his stay, while cheating Mondrian Hotel out of over $50,000 worth of bills he racked up staying under the Biggie Smalls alias.