Fam-Lay To "Git Busy," Prepares Debut Album

Rapper Fam-Lay recently

announced that the first single from his debut Def Jam album, Traintogo,

will be "Git Busy."

"I think everyone

will know what that is about," Fam-Lay said.

The Norfolk, Virginia

based rapper who is signed to Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo's Star Trak Entertainment,

said working with The Neptunes was like working with family.

"I know it's

almost corny to say, but all of us- from Kelis to The Clipse, are my family,"

Fam-Lay said. "The reason we got Traintogo done so quickly is because

we all work so well together."

The rapper said

that he knew Pharrell long before he became a production maestro and master

of hooks.

"Before I

was even signed, I would go hang-out in the studio with The Neptunes. They were

able to understand the dopeness in what I do. Believe me, it was a blessing."


is slated to hit stores in March of 2004.