Family Denies Rap Song Linked To Steve McNair's Death

AllHipHop Staff

Relatives of a local Nashville rapper have denied a rap song about a man prepared to commit murder had anything to do with the death of NFL Quarterback Steve McNair.

A song by Keith Norfleet, the ex-boyfriend of Sahel Kazemi was posted on Soundclick, a popular website used by upcoming musicians to share their music.

Norfleet, who wrote the song “Closed Casket,” was questioned by police over the lyrics in the song, but was eventually allowed to leave with no charges filed.

"If you ever do it again (expletive) I’m not rapping/I’m getting a clip and clapping and I’m not laughing/ They’re wrapping you up for your little trip to the morgue/While I’m preparing for my trip to the shore/Don’t ignore me, I’m not lying, I couldn’t be more honest/If you ever do it again, you’ll die, I promise."

Norfleet uploaded the track to Soundclick in February, just one month after McNair and Kazemi started dating.

Norfleet’s sister Crystal told The Tennessean that the track was not about McNair, or Kazemi.

It was about her husband, who had cheated on her with a younger woman.

"He puts his emotions on pen and paper, and that's where they stay. he never wrote that with Steve and Jenny (Sahel Kazemi) in mind," Crystal told the paper.

State medical examiners have ruled McNair’s death a murder-suicide, although conspiracy theories about another person executing the killings have already started to surface due to the positions of the bodies and allegedly, the blood stains found in the room.

Sahel Kazemi's family has also maintained that she was not suicidal at the time of the shootings.

In related news, the man who allegedly sold the gun to Kazemi has been arrested by ATF agents in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kazemi bought the gun on July 2, just two days before she allegedly murdered McNair and then turned the gun on herself.

Adrian J. Gilliam Jr. is expected to be charged today (July 17).

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