Famous Dex Said To Be Closely Monitored By His Team After Troubling Video

Dexter is downplaying the IG clip that went viral.

(AllHipHop News) Famous Dex had the net talking when a video of the "Japan" rhymer falling asleep during an Instagram Live broadcast circulated across social media. Many of his fans were worried that Dexter was abusing drugs.

According to TMZ, the people around Dex are also concerned about an alleged opioid addiction. However, the 25-year-old Chicago native insisted he was simply tired in the viral clip.

TMZ reports:

This is how bad it's gotten for Dex -- we've learned there's someone who is always by Dex's side for the sole purpose of making sure he's coherent enough to do his job. We're also being told that, at times, there's even someone who sleeps in the same bed to make sure he's okay. His team is actively working to get him the help he needs.

Dex has apparently sought treatment in the past, but that's not the narrative he's pushing to the public. In another IG post, the Rich Forever Music affiliate suggested the entire incident is being over-hyped by the media.