Famous Poet Laureate In Canada Accused Of Jacking Tupac's Poem

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A culture vulture from Canada decided to steal some great poetry by Tupac Shakur, but he is busted.

(AllHipHop News) A famous poet in Canada is being accused of ripping off one of the most famous rappers in the world - Tupac Shakur.

Deceased Canadian poet laureate Pierre Des Ruisseaux is accused of plagiarizing Tupac Shakur in a 2013 French book titled “Tranches.”

According to the National Post, British poetry detective Ira Lightman happened to be researching Des Ruisseaux's works and he was shocked to find that Poet Laureate had ripped off 30 other poems, including one from Tupac.

Pierre Des Ruisseaux's "When I’m Alone" was lifted from Pac's work “Sometimes I Cry.”

Ira Lightman blasted Des Ruisseaux - who died in 2016 - for lifting the poems without credit and simply translating them into French.

"It looks to me like a book of deliberate translations,” Lightman said in an interview. “And yet there’s no crediting.”

Other poets who were jacked include Maya Angelou Louis MacNeice and Dylan Thomas.

Take a look at both poems:


Sometimes when I'm alone I cry because I'm on my own The tears I cry R bitter and warm They flow with life but take no form I cry because my heart is torn and I find it difficult 2 carry on If I had an ear 2 confide in I would cry among my treasured friends But who do u know that stops that long To help another carry on The world moves fast and it would rather pass u by than 2 stop and c what makes u cry It's painful and sad and sometimes I cry and no one cares about why.

Pierre Des Ruisseaux

Sometimes when I’m alone I cry Because I’m alone. The tears I cry are bitter and burning.

They flow with life, they do not need reason.

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Please respect legend, hip-hop was great but not to be imitated.


Damn woods stealing the art form again smh....


He recycled his bars