Fan Fights Shut Down Free New Boyz Concert

AllHipHop Staff

The New Boyz barely began their free concert in Flint, Michigan yesterday (November 8) before police were forced to end the show due to multiple fights throughout the venue.

The free event took place at the Genesee Valley Center, and promoters reportedly only planned for 300 concert-goers instead of the1500 fans that showed up.

The concert area was not enough to hold everyone, and people were forced into nearby stores as shoving and pushing began.

The tension built up over several hours, with fans congregating in the area at noon despite the show not starting until 4PM.

The New Boyz could not quiet the crowd, and found themselves manhandled by several excited female fans.

“Fights broke out. They were grabbing on the singers and wouldn’t let them go,” one eyewitness told The Flint Journal. “One girl had him by the shirt collar…It’s sad. People wonder why we can’t get stuff like this in Flint. It’s because we don’t know how to act.”

A mall employee reported that she witnessed fights all around the venue, which resulted in one individual being stabbed with a pen, another having a seizure, and six people passing out.

The New Boyz temporarily left to allow police to regain control.

But the situation only became exacerbated anytime the young duo made an appearance.

“About half the crowd chased them down the hallway,” said the employee witness. “They were going to come back and sign autographs and then another fight broke out right in front of the stage.”

By the time the mall was shut down at 4:30PM, the New Boyz had only been able to complete one song.

At press time, the New Boyz nor the concert promoters have verified whether the show will be rescheduled.