Fans Erupt After Canceled Lil' Boosie Concert

Dozens of police officers were called to a club in Omaha, Nebraska, when hundreds of irate fans crowded an intersection after rapper Lil' Boosie allegedly canceled a scheduled performance.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, the rapper canceled a performance on Friday (February 29) at Sokol Underground, where almost 900 people had paid up to $30 dollars to see the rapper.

Patrons were told to leave the venue around 11:00 PM, resulting in a melee. The venue sustained damages when angry fans ripped a ticket booth out of wall.

Dozens of police officers were called to backup a number of off-duty police officers and a private security firm securing the venue.

Officers cleared the intersection promptly and two people were ticketed for disorderly contact.

Representatives for Lil' Boosie were not available to comment as of press time.

The rapper, born Torrance Hatch, is also named in a $1 million dollar lawsuit filed by a Baltimore woman in 2007.