Fans In Australia Upset With Lauryn Hill Over Late Arrivals & "Hot Mess" Show

The local press had some unflattering things to say about Lauryn Hill's tour of Australia.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Lauryn Hill disappointed fans once again after one of her infamous late arrivals, and what has been labeled as a terrible show.

L Boogie is currently traveling around the world as part of her international tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of her classic album The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill.

Last night in Sydney, fans were not in the mood to celebrate with the singer, after she arrived over 90 minutes late.

The DJ opening the show said Lauryn was sick, and local reports claim the singer was close to fainting when she finally hit the stage to perform.

At one point, Lauryn promised agitated fans that she promised to return to Sydney and "sing like a bird" when she was feeling better.

The performance was so bad in Sydney, fans immediately started demanding refunds.

The botched appearance followed another bad showing in Perth, where her opening date in Australia was labeled as "a hot mess."

Back in November, Lauryn Hill was late for shows in France and Brussels and again, blamed her issues on the production of the show.

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Wow she should just retire🍵🍕🍔 .🎮.her noncaring of lateness.🚴.and not giving a flying fuck of who she disappoints😠.is very very apparent.. you obviously don't want to do this anymore so just come on and sit down we will forgive you..😢😢😥😭


Why would anyone go to her show? Everyone with internet access should know by now that she acts like some diva who doesn't give a damn about her fans, when it's the fans who've paid for her flight and put food on her table. Just ignore her.


When are people gonna learn, the Lauryn Hill you fell in love with is dead.. and also didn’t write a whole lot of that classic album. She took credit for other people’s work, got caught.. she can’t perform songs the way you remember and to top it all off, she’s notoriously disrespectful to her fans... fuck knows how she has to get her mind right before a show but given the above facts, she should be on her fucking toes an prompt.