Fans Of Lil Jon Duped In North Dakota

AllHipHop Staff

Fans of Lil’

Jon in Fargo, North Dakota, were duped out of a concert and money after a man

falsely represented the rapper and promoted a phony concert.

Fargo police are

investigating a man they believe is responsible for the hustle, who called himself

“Peter Schwartz” and billed himself as Lil’ Jon’s promoter.

Police said fans

purchased worthless tickets for $20 and $25 in advance, for a show at a local

nightclub named Playmakers.

Officials estimated

that the man got away with over $12,000 in cash. Others who helped sell the

tickets said that the scam artist was a seasoned veteran, who even arrived in

a white limousine to collect the ticket revenue.

After receiving

the ticket proceeds, the man phoned the club and told them Lil' Jon and the

Eastside Boyz were stuck in an Omaha, Nebraska airport because the rapper didn’t

have a picture ID.

The rapper was

in Omaha that night performing at the Qwest Center, but the next day he traveled

to a concert in Denver, Colorado.

When contacted,

Lil’ Jon said the situation happens all the time.