Fans Sue Live Nation For Alleged Injuries From Future Concert Stampede

Reportedly, there was some confusion in the two women's legal paperwork.

(AllHipHop News) According to TMZ, Catrina Washington and Shauntay Harris are suing the event promotions company Live Nation and Brooklyn's Barclays Center. The plaintiffs claim they were injured during a so-called stampede at a Future concert last May.

The website reports:

In the docs, Washington and Harris say fireworks were used during the performance, setting off a loud noise and causing a panic -- which allegedly led to them getting stomped all over as people scattered in chaos. Some folks thought gunshots had gone off. For the record, the NYPD released a statement on this at the time. They said a loud metal-on-metal sound erupted when the stage was lowered too quickly at the end of the show -- insisting that, coupled with the sound of gunshots in one of the outgoing songs, is what caused the scare.

Future is currently not named in the suit. TMZ sources suggest the Atlanta-raised rapper will become a defendant at a later date.

Fellow Atlanta performer Rome Fortune's name apparently was included in Washington and Harris' court documents even though the Jerome Raheem Fortune album creator was not at the venue that night. He is expected to be dropped from the lawsuit.