Fans Urge Rapper Cardi B To Cancel Rodeo Concert "Chock Full Of Animal Abuse"

AllHipHop Staff

Cardi's week just got a little more complicated.

(AllHipHop News) Animal lovers are petitioning Cardi B to pull out of her upcoming performance at the 2019 Houston Livestock Show.

Over 15,000 people have signed a new petition urging the rapper to axe her concert on March 1, insisting she shouldn't be associated with such an event.

Organizers of the Care2 online campaign argue animals are mistreated during the rodeo, and they want Cardi to make a stand for "the abused animals."

"Horrible news, animal lovers: Cardi B is headlining an event chock-full of animal abuse," a note on the petition site reads. "Cardi B is, herself, an animal lover, which is why we're asking her to stand up for these poor animals and cancel her performance at the rodeo.

"She may not know all the ways animals are being abused to make this Houston event go on though. That's why it's up to us, her fans, to ask her not to use her name and popularity to support such gruesome behavior."

Officials at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo have responded by releasing a statement, which reads: "The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo strongly believes in the importance of animal welfare. We take great pride in the care and attention our livestock receive throughout the Rodeo...

"We are looking forward to welcoming Cardi B on March 1 and would be happy to show her how we treat all animals."