Fans Want To Know What Happened To Iggy Azalea's New EP

AllHipHop Staff

Iggy Azalea is being dissed by her fans for delaying her "Wicked Lips" EP again.

(AllHipHop News) Iggy Azalea has come under fire from fans for delaying the release of her new EP, Wicked Lips, for a second time.

The record was originally due out on November 15, but the 29-year-old pushed it back a week after failing to mix the vocals on one of the songs in time.

However, while the star promised it would drop a week later, on November 22nd, fans took to Twitter to fume as the "Fancy" hitmaker failed to respond to messages about the whereabout of the project.

"Watch her delaying the EP again ... which is very uncool to delay it 2 times in a row," one fan fumed. "But why are we surprised? We always had to fight with that... The New Classic, Digital Distortion... shouldn't we be so used to it?"

Another wrote: "What happened to Wicked Lips? Isn’t it supposed to be released already?"

It wasn't all bad for Iggy though, as some fans pointed out, that since leaving former label Island Records last year she's an independent artist, meaning she funds and navigates all aspects of her career.

"She's independent," wrote one user. "Everything she does she funds so obviously it's gonna take longer."

The delay comes after it was reported the "Kream" star's home with beau Playboi Carti was robbed of over $350,000 in jewelry last week - with high-end watches, chains, rings and bracelets, and a $35,000 diamond engagement ring among the list of items taken.

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Like I said, insurance fraud. This is clownish. Who breaks in a house in a mask and gloves and only steals a bag in the dining room that just so happened to have almost a half million dollars worth of jewels in it? Clownish and broke.