FASHION FOR THE GOLD: Olympic Star Athletes Shine With Star Designers

AllHipHop Staff

During the Olympics, the stage is set for teams to walk away with the gold, they are also stepping out and making some serious fashion statements. Sports attire is no longer bland and predictable. With one of the biggest sporting events in progress, athletes are shining in more than one way.

You have swimmer Ryan Lochte and his funky and wild grill, as well as the Italian team and their stylish Armani suits, plus multicolored nails and hair, and yes, all in one place. Many seemed to adore Switzerland’s uniforms, while Team USA has caught some unwanted attention.

Ryan Lochte

Designers are also setting aim at the top spots. With the all of the world watching, why not make it a runway of sorts? After all the fittest bodies will be showing off their designs.

On Friday the opening ceremony was an array of talent, but style, too - Prada, Ralph Lauren, and Stella McCartney, were among the uniform and suit-designing elite, for the most elite, from every county around the world. Many in the fashion industry are saying this Olympics is the most stylish one of all.

For the designers that didn’t add Olympic uniforms to their resume, they still have a chance to market to millions. Anyway you look at it, the Olympics 2012 are a set up for a win. Even with the well-to-do among the spectators, there’s a guarantee that the high end labels and eye catching designs will make their way into the stands, too. It’s a fashion fest all the way around.

London Olympics Tennis

Who gets the Fashion Gold in your opinion?

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