Fashion Forward: Factory Girl Runs The Love Session

Tatou, one of Los Angeles' hottest nightclubs was all decked out for this event, which married fashion and politics.

There were models running back and forth to the dressing room, personal assistants buzzing away on their crackberries, and huge posters of Abraham Lincoln morphed with the image of Barack Obama.

This evening was created for the voice of the democratic party and helping young people register to vote for November 4th.

The centerpiece of attraction was the highly anticipated fashion show for LA Fashion Week, entitled The Love Session. ?uestlove took turns on the wheels of steel with DJ Irie, and Travis McCoy, and the scene was sexy and stylish.

The one of the featured designers was up and coming Annabelle Sky Lee who is making a huge impact on the LA fashion scene with her Factory Girl clothing line.

Lee, it seems, is determined to change the fashion scene of Los Angeles.

Her line marries intricate design with simple lines and a very feminine look. Despite it's retro base it does have a highly inventive quality to it, which is rare. Everything was feminine and unfussy not to mention refined. It walked the line quite well between edgy and vampish.

The animal inspired prints tops with vibrant bright colors and skin-tight leggings give the line a hot vixen look.

These are not the wannabe mod redux we've been seeing a lot of lately. These are strong, bold, eye-catching designs that are easy and fun to wear.

We have all seen the wallpaper floral prints or the done to death bandana paisley patterns.

Lee's line is devoid of the horrible prints that are wrong for anyone to wear, and she creates a sexy print that can be proudly worn by a fashionista who is bored with both convention and the Forever 21 "uniform" that you can spot a block away on any wannabe diva.

In Los Angeles it's all about attitude, owning every room or sidewalk like it's your personal runway, however, Factory Girl has an aura that allows for confident relaxation as others are running around trying to be center of attention.

At this rate, Annabelle Lee is a designer to look out for in 2009. She is a powerhouse for intricate designs for simple patterns can be deemed for an high end retro- inspired collection.