FASHION FORWARD: From TV To Camera-Ready Looks, "Bad Girls Club's" Elease Donovan Is Making Her Mark

The daughter of a beauty pageant queen and fashion's love child, Elease Donovan is following the path set before her at a young age. The designer and former "Bad Girls Club" star currently has a line of glamorous, jungle-inspired swimsuits, with a touch of Miami influence.

Elease Donovan_swimsuit2

Donovan says she has plans to follow in the footsteps of Tory Burch and Kimora Lee Simmons, putting it this way: “I admire their business sense and immaculate styles. That’s why I’m molding my steps as a businesswoman after those two. They have shown the world what fashion should be about.”

From the looks of things, she is headed down the right path - in fly gear, of course! Donovan’s days of cutting up clothes - to reinvent looks as a youngster - has lead to her revamping the feel of swimsuits. Her line is sexy and standout, just what summer calls for.

Elease Donovan_swimsuit

The Kingston, Jamaica native's future plans include a line of high end dresses, shoes, and accessories. Donovan also envisions creating a line of men's swimwear and trunks, as well as accessories. She is working hard to get her pieces in retail and online stores.

“For any of you all in Miami, or when you come to visit, check out Elease Donovan Swimwear at AGS Miami. Stop in and shop,” encourages the designer.

When asked what she would tell any aspiring stylist or dreamer, Donovan shares, "Planning is vital. Know what you’re doing and what you want. Think it through, take your time, and everything will come together."

It’s evident that she is taking her own advice.

There’s fashion, and then there are those who know what it takes to make fashion what it's meant to be. Elease Donovan has always had a clear understanding.

For more info, visit Elease Donovan's website, and to shop, check HERE.

Tawni Fears is a freelance writer and contributor to Follow her on Twitter (@brwnsugaT).