Fashion: Pharrell’s Favorite Sports Jacket

AllHipHop Staff

Pharrell is clearly in love with this Lanvin “Piped Blazer,” because the rapper-slash-producer-slash-rocker has been seen rocking it quite frequently this year.

Most recently, Pha-real, as Jay-Z once called him, was seen wearing it to the BAPE Flagstore opening in London. This time, The Neptunes front man wore it with a brown and beige plaid shirt and a seemingly mangled 10-gallon hat. This look was fairly safe compared to his previous style forays, where he had his blazer on with some knee-high horse riding boots. This ensemble had the internet talking quite a bit, yet didn’t isolate P from his core fan.

Here are some of the memorable moment with Pharrell and his favorite blazer along with the looks that he’s tried with it.

In London:

A party earlier this summer:

Pharrell at the Soho House in NYC with some Clark Wallabees. Ghostface would be proud.

Image Sources, Concrete Loop, Hype Beast

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