Fashion: Which Celeb Has The Hottest Clothing Line?

AllHipHop Staff

We've seen Nelly and Travis Barker do it successfully, while others like Young Buck and Andre 3000 didn't do so well...

Either way, nothing seems to be slowing down the launch of clothing lines by various celebrities.

As they are popping up everywhere these days, are there any that you have found especially appealing or disappointing?

When the staff met with T.I. at Akoo's official launch party in NYC, he told us that he does not want the success of his line to solely rely on his name and fame.

He wants it to continue to stand alone as a hot, sought after brand and is willing to get his own hands dirty to achieve that.

While T.I. sounds like he is pretty involved with his brand, do you think too many celebs are just eager to make some extra cash, resulting in clothing that doesn't accurately reflect their own style?

From the stars who haven't jumped on the clothing line bandwagon just yet, which one do you think would have the hottest brand? It could be someone who has it in the works already, or has not mentioned it at all.

Here are a few ideas:

Rihanna Kanye WestKeri HilsonLil Wayne

Teyana Taylor

Check out for hot brands launched by your favorite celebs:

 Pop Roc Terry Coverup by Rocawear

Wicked Skinny Leg Jumpsuit by Deréon

Rugby by Rich Yung

Images: Tash, Edu, Hollywood Teen, Jack Book