Fat Joe And Roy Jones Settle Differences

Fat Joe and world class boxer Roy Jones, Jr. have reportedly settled their differences stemming from a lyric on Ja Rule’s hit record, “New York.”

In a previous interview, Jones expressed his feelings about the rapper’s lyric that stated “even Roy Jones was forced to lean back.” “It’s just that me and Joe were cooler than that…I used to support everything that Joe did and he supported everything I do,” Jones told AllHipHop.com.

After meeting at a recent party, Joe had a change of heart when the pair had a brief exchange, reports XXL magazine.

"Rappers, we use lines and think it makes a hot song, but you have to really account for the s**t you be saying sometimes. You get approached,” Joe stated. “I realized how much I love Roy Jones at that point. I realized like, 'Wow, you really disrespected this man and hurt his pride, and he's a real n***a for approaching you.’”

These days, their relationship is back to the way it was, Joe revealed.

“The next day we spoke on the phone. I was like, 'Yo, B, I got mad respect, mad love for you.' I'm a man about this s**t. I know when I'm right, I know when I'm wrong,” he said. “That was wrong to be disrespecting him like that.”

Joe’s highly-anticipated album, All Or Nothing, is expected to hit stores on May 24.