Fat Joe Defends Remy Ma Amidst Misdemeanor Charge

AllHipHop Staff

Fat Joes calls the whole situation an example of “clout" chasing.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Fat Joe is standing next to the side of his good friend Remy Ma, particularly in light of her most recent charge.

Remy was recently hit with a misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly punching Brittney Taylor, her castmate on "Love & Hip-Hop New York."

Taking to his 2.4M followers on Instagram, the Terror Squad rapper wrote a novel airing his thoughts on the whole situation.

“Family First PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE beware of the CLOUT CHASE is this Country truly ready for rehabilitation, are we truly FORGIVING. Do we really believe in SECOND CHANCES here we have a woman who did her time came home and has been a Model Citizen the only time she’s out her house is to work or in this case Donating her time with a FREE performance for CANCER RESEARCH," Fat Joe said. "In a World that Continues to show Madness and Division in Families on T V here we see LOVE and Unity the woman’s been the most Flawless Parolee EVER never has had a Curfew Violation has been Drug tested time and time again not once has Violated."

Remy's lawyer, Dawn Florio, denied the rapper had anything to do with the fight and she plans on fighting the entire case.

Remy is due back in court on May 24.

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Nice to see Fat Joe lending a helping hand. Remy will probably get anger management and some financial pay out. Maybe community service. Unless...they throw the book at her.


She will get off, but the dumb bitch fucked up, could have thrown it all away for what? DUMB BITCH