Fat Joe Denies Fight With Cuban Link

Contrary to published reports, Fat Joe denies being involved in a scuffle with Cuban Link in a Miami nightclub on Saturday night.In fact, the Bronx rapper said he is currently out of the country with his family for the holidays."This incident the websites are reporting on never occurred," Fat Joe said in

a statement released to AllHipHop.com. "This is a publicity stunt from Cuban Link. If Cuban would spend more time marketing his current product he'd have less time to make up false accusations...oh I forgot he's never had an album out to market."Though Joe called the report a promotional ploy, Cuban Link's manager stated the report is true. He also clarified it did not occur at a nightclub.Dren Starr of CLK Management said the two rappers went toe-to-toe in front of the hotel where he, Cuban Link, and their entourage were staying."It was around 5:30 in the morning, the strip was crazy empty and Joe rolled up in his range," Starr told AllHipHop.com.Starr said Fat Joe stepped out of the car and started yelling at Cuban Link, refuting the claims that he set up his former protégé.Before Joe could reach Cuban, however, Starr said the Cuban rushed the Terror Squad leader.Police quickly subdued the situation within a matter of minutes, according to Starr. He said police, club owners, and everyone in general area knew that the feuding rappers were both in town at the same time.Fat Joe reportedly attended at party Ja Rule threw at Bermuda Bar, while Cuban Link was at Club Zno after a show with a local Miami rapper, Starr stated. Joe declined further comment.Starr insisted the attack was a premeditated plan. He said his entourage flew in to Miami from New York and weren't prepared to handle a situation like the one that occurred Saturday night.Starr then added that Fat Joe doesn't fly, explaining that he and those with him were in a better position to assault Cuban Link with weapons.The Miami Police Department is still investigating the incident, as a local newspaper reported the county is undecided whether to file charges against any of the parties involved.