Fat Joe Explains 50/Pap Beef; Wants To Fight

South Bronx rapper Fat Joe has lashed out at rapper Papoose as the feud between the two rappers continues to grow over public airwaves.

The two rappers, who were reportedly involved in a minor scuffle in a North Carolina hotel room last week, have been at odds, since the altercation.

Reports suggested that the two rappers brawled in a Holiday Inn, shortly before a performance at The Criquet Arena.

Both artists confirmed in two separate interviews with Big Tigger on WPGC in Washington, D.C. last night (March 4).

During the interview with Tigger, Fat Joe called in first and revealed the reason that he and Papoose had a physical confrontation.

The rapper revealed his agitation with a number of antics allegedly executed by 50 Cent’s team, including a fake cover of Hip-Hop Weekly that stated Benzino allegedly slept with Fat Joe’s wife.

Fat Joe also noted that Remy Martin, a former member Terror Squad, has dissed him and is romantically linked to Papoose.

Additionally, a photo of Fat Joe taken last year at a New York Knick’s game was altered and made to appear as if Fat Joe was bruised from the recent altercation with Papoose.

“It’s a new breed of internet guys and internet thugs,“ Fat Joe said. “The point is this. 50 Cent got 30 cops with him all day. When you on the radio with 50 Cent and your laughing and he’s disrespecting Fat Joe, and your wife is Remy Martin and she’s disrespecting Fat Joe on the radio, I [had to] see you [Papoose] the next day. I had no choice but to ask dude if he had a problem, cause he was acting like he did.” [Listen to the full Fat Joe interview HERE]

According to Papoose, he went to visit Philadelphia rapper Cassidy in his hotel room and that’s when the confrontation started.

“The next thing I know Fat Joe busts in the door with about nine of his bodyguards, jumping in my face, asking me do I gotta a problem with them,“ Papoose said. “I responded ‘do you have a problem with me?’ He responded ‘yeah.’ That’s when everything popped off. Yes I two pieced him in his mouth and I don’t know why he’s denying it. The dude is running around fabricating this. I stood tall and I stand tall in any situation. I’m from Brooklyn, New York, that’s what we do.” [Listen to the full Papoose interview HERE]

Papoose denied ever having any prior issues with Fat Joe and even Fat Joe admitted that the issue really stemmed from his long-running beef with 50 Cent.

“I never spoke nothing about Fat Joe, I never made one single comment about this dude,” Papoose said. “50 got an office right across the street from Madison Square Garden. This dude knows where 50 Cent is at on a constant basis. Why didn’t he go over to 50’s office and ask him if he had a problem? What makes him think he can come over to me like that and he’s not gonna get punched in his mouth like he did?"

Both rappers seem to agree that the issues will not be solved until a physical, one-on-one confrontation occurs.

Papoose was adamant on squaring up with Fat Joe, who was equally anxious to have a fair one with 50 Cent.

“50 Cent is the real problem. I wish he would come out of the hiding nest and say ‘Yo Joe lets fight one-on-one, and we can get it over with. Win of lose, we can get it over with and go to blows. He keeps trying to throw people in the front of it.”

Fat Joe also revealed that he would address the situation on New York radio next week when he returns to New York to film a movie and celebrate the release of his new album, The Elephant in the Room, which is due in stores on March 11.