Fat Joe Gives To Bronx Grammar School

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper Fat Joe will

get into the Christmas spirit next week and will give the gift of technology to

the Bronx, New York grammar school that educated him.

Fat Joe will donate

20 computers to PS 146 on December 21st. In addition to the computers, the rapper

will donate money to refurnish and repaint the school’s multimedia room.

"Each year,

I make sure to give back to my community and to the children of New York City

in some way, by giving toys at Christmas to children in hospitals to serving

as Principal for the Day at schools in the Bronx and more,” Fat Joe said.

“I don't know if anything else I do charity-wise will top what I'm doing

for my old grammar school.”

According to Joe,

the idea to donate the computers came out of conversations he had with Assemblyman

Rubin Diaz, who will be present when the computers are donated.


the multimedia room will be named after Joe’s late sister, Lisa Cartagena,

who passed away during childbirth.

“This was

a school that had no computers for their children, so to be able to come in

and give them 20 along with a new multimedia room that will be named after and

dedicated to my sister is phenomenal and makes me feel so grateful that I'm

in a position to give back to the community that helped make me who I am today."

Fat Joe is currently

working on his 6th solo album, Things of That Nature, which is slated

for a March 2005 release.

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