Fat Joe Has Some Words For President Donald Trump

Fat Joe isn't feeling the 45th POTUS.

(AllHipHop News) Bronx, New York rapper Fat Joe is no fan of President Donald Trump.

Joey, who was born Joe Cartagena, has parents who hail from Puerto Rico and Cuba.

Fat Joe blasted President Trump during an appearance on BuzzFeed News' AM to DM.

"We gotta speak for the voiceless. He [Trump] left my people in Puerto Rico...He disrespected Haiti just last week," said Fat Joe, referencing President Trump's infamous statement labeling Caribbean and African nations as "s##tholes."

"I'm just voicing the opinion of the people, the people speak through me," Fat Joe continued. "That's what hip-hop is all about...I'm not a fan of Trump. The country is divided."

Fat Joe also discussed some details surrounding his new podcast, "Cocoa Vision"

"I just love people and love hip-hop...I'm very charismatic and I like to ask people questions that I know a normal person couldn't ask them," Fat Joe said.

"I always felt I could bring out the best in people, and the most honesty...I've been an open book my whole life."

In related news, Fat Joe announced he is working on a new studio album titled Family Ties, which will feature producer Dre, from Cool & Dre.

According to Joe, Family Ties could also feature a song with Jay-Z as well.

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this from the guy selling cocaine to everyone his whole life.