Fat Joe Stays With Atlantic Records

The head of Atlantic

Records, Craig Kallman, has dispelled rumors that Bronx rapper Fat Joe has been

dropped from the label.

The rapper's status

at Atlantic was the subject of speculation after the New York Post ran a gossip

item implying that he had been released from the label due to poor sales.

Fat Joe has renegotiated

his contract with Atlantic, which will distribute his Terror Squad Records imprint.

"Fat Joe is

an icon in the hip-hop community--an artist, producer, writer, tastemaker, and

entrepreneur with tremendous vision, influence, and creativity," said Craig

Kallman, COO and Co-Chairman of Atlantic. "We are proud to have had Fat

Joe as a member of the Atlantic family for the past eight years, and we are

looking forward to continuing our great relationship with Joe and his Terror

Squad label."

Fat Joe has been

affiliated with the label since 1998 and has released four albums, including

his latest All Or Nothing, as well as the gold selling Don Cartegena

and the platinum-selling J.O.S.E. (Jealous Ones Still Envy).