Fat Joe Talks 10th Album, Explains Miami Mansion Sale

(AllHipHop News) As the summertime gets underway and many artists in the industry prep for their summer releases, Bronx native Fat Joe is also getting ready to drop his 10th album, The Darkside.“Just rapped up the album The Darkside, shit is a classic. Bout to touch down this July, end of July. Did the first song with Jeezy, the ‘Ha Ha (Slow Down)’ joint. Did the second song with Trey Songz. Shot the video last night. That shit was crazy. Has the whole New York City as the back drop, looks like a post card,” Fat Joe told AllHipHop.com.Since 1993’s release entitled Represent, Fat Joe’s Terror Squad imprint has been distributed by several labels but this is his first release on E1 Music, formerly Koch Records.“I feel like it’s a Hip-Hop classic. From Premier to Just Blaze, to Cool and Dre, to Street Runner, Infamous, Scoop Deville, Scram Jones,” he explained. “Got a song with the Clipse and Cam’ron called ‘Kilo’ that’s bananas. R. Kelly is on the album. Not party R. Kelly, shooting a video in the projects R. Kelly. We got Wayne on the album. I got a song for the chicks with Too $hort on the album. Its called ‘Money Over Bitches’. It’s like a love song.”Interestingly enough, Fat Joe believes more than anything, that this upcoming album is his best yet and that this 10th album separates him from his Hip-Hop peers.“What I wanna know is, who does 10 albums, and on the 10th album, it’s better than all the other ones,” Fat Joe said. “I don’t use the word classic lightly. I never had a classic. Try that one out. Its going down my n***as, its going’ down!”When asked what Fat Joe attributed to all his success and longevity in the game, Fat Joe said.“You know just loving Hip-Hop man, I don’t have a life man. My life is all about eat, sleep and breathe Hip-Hop. You got to understand that I gave my life to Hip-Hop. I have been rewarded beautifully, but you know but this is what I do.” Fat Joe told AllHipHop.com.In other news, Fat Joe squashed rumors that he was going broke because he put his $2 million dollar Miami mansion is up for sale.“I’m selling my mansion, and I got a crib like everyone else in the world. I’m selling my home like everyone else in the world,” Fat Joe joked. “Yea you know my wife she wants to move back towards the beach, we out a little west in the suburbs so you know. You know, a man just trying to live, just trying to survive man. (laughs)”The Darkside is currently set to release July 27th, 2010.