Fat Man Scoop Tops Charts, Drops DVD, Becomes Label Exec

Popular Hot 97 DJ

Fat Man Scoop has topped the U.K. charts with his party anthem, "Be Faithful,"

a track that has been played on the radio for over four years in the United States.

"That's the

culmination of all the hard work that I have done and put down in the streets,"

Fat Man Scoop told AllHipHop.com, shortly before leaving for London to promote

the single. "It was never officially released in the United States. We

finally had a way to clear it so it could be released. It was never officially

released. Faith Evans and DMX loved the record, but the business affairs people

didn't dig it because it was stolen for the most part. It was just a matter

of getting all my ducks in order on that note. It wasn't easy though."

The record contains samples of DMX's voice and Faith Evan's "Love Like This Before," which

was based on 70's group Chic's recording of "C'est Chic."

"The record

is really big," Scoop continued. "It's the culmination of all the

hard work that I have done and put down in the streets."

And that hard work

is paying off. In addition to his Hot 97 gig, Scoop said that he is in the process

of wrapping up a deal with AV8 Records that will make him part owner and an

executive at the label and recently completed his first DVD "Inside Hip-Hop."

The 90 minute DVD

features one on one interviews with such power executives as Lyor Cohen, Steve

Rifkind, Craig Kallman, Paul Rosenberg, Kevin Liles, Damon Dash, Russell Simmons,

Mona Scott, Fat Joe and others.

"I want people

to know what it takes to get to the top. People don't understand the intense

struggle it takes these executives to get to the positions that they have,"

Scoop said. "My intention is to show people what it takes for those thinking

about getting into the game, so they don't go into it blind."

The DVD traces

the path of the executives and gives viewers an in depth look into the business

side of the hip-hop industry.

Scoop is already

working on the follow up DVD to "Inside Hip-Hop."

"I don't act

like a pimp, I don't claim to be a hustler or a thug. What I am is a guy who

can make great party music. I am going to try to bring my vision to the world.

The world don't really know about party music the way I think they should."

"Inside Hip-Hop"

hits stores October 28.