Father Of Alleged Sex Cult Member "Sold" To R. Kelly Says He Never Met Singer

Timothy Savage sat down with Gayle King and said R. Kelly should "rot in jail" for allegedly holding his daughter hostag

(AllHipHop News) The father of a woman who claims R. Kelly brainwashed his daughter blasted the singer in a new interview with Gayle King.

Timothy Savage and Jonjelyn Savage believe R. Kelly is holding their child Joycelyn against her will, even though she just gave an interview declaring she is fine, and her parents are just meddling.

Earlier this week, R. Kelly gave a rambling, now infamous interview to Gayle King, where he rejected claims he was abusing women and holding them prisoners as part of a "sex cult."

Kelly, who is facing decades in prison over 10 felony counts for sexually exploiting three minors and a woman, broke down in tears during the discussion.

But he insisted The Savages' had "sold" their daughter to him when she was just 17, as she was pursuing a singing career.

According to R. Kelly, the parents gave him permission to groom their daughter for a career, after he brought them up on stage during one of his shows.

"I didn't go looking for a Joycelyn Savage. I was doing my show, he brought her and asked a friend of mine, to put her on the stage with R. Kelly," R. Kelly claimed.

The only problem is that Timothy Savage believes R. Kelly is delusional because he has never met the singer in his entire life.

"Never. Never has that ever happened. I did not [bring her to a concert]. I've never met Mr. Kelly. Never, in my entire life. I've only talked to him one time on the phone," Timothy Savage said. "And that one time you know what he told me? He said 'You gonna have to wait and see your daughter. Trust the process. How he can tell another father to trust the process, but you ranting and raving on TV that you wanna see your kids, but you won't let me see my own kid. How you think that makes me feel as a father?"


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