Fatman Scoop Makes Moves

Radio personality Fatman Scoop continues to make moves as a

one man multi-media conglomerate with a number of appearances on television

and radio.

Most recently,

the hefty hip-hopper can be heard on Missy Elliot’s latest song, “Lose

Control,” which features Ciara. He also lent his party-rousing voice to

Mariah Carey’s “Its Like That,” a huge part of her stellar

comeback album, The Emancipation of Mimi.

"It was a blessing to work with Mariah and now Missy, not

only because I'm a fan of theirs, but also because it means lots of radio and

video play," Fatman Scoop told AllHipHop.com. "I'm in the process

of transitioning from Mariah's record to Missy's right now. It's hard to follow

up a record like Mariah's, but Missy's record is really about to set it off!

I’m in a good place in my career right now. One day when it's all said

and done I'll be able to tell my grandkids I worked with Mariah and Missy --

two of the most talented and beautiful women in all of music."

Ever-evolving, Scoop has managed to parley his domestic success

in to international acclaim. He’s had hit records overseas and also hosted

a UK show in the vein of P.Diddy’s “Making The Band.”

Scoop stated it’s all in the plan and that he’s

got no intention of slowing down. He’s also signed on to model for P.Diddy’s

“Big Sexy” Sean John ads.

In the meantime, he’s focused on developing his website,