Fear Factory Guitarist Moonlights As Hip-Hop Producer

Christian Wolbers

is not a name known to many in the Hip-Hop crowd, but his work is.

Well known as the bass/guitarist in the Metal band Fear Factory,

he is also a Hip-Hop DJ, programmer, and producer all under which he is credited

as "The Edgemaster".

"The Edgemaster" has worked with such artists as Snoop Dog, Chingy,

Ice Cube, West Side Connection, Ludacris and Cypress Hill with whom he has toured.

A lot of people may wonder how the Metal guitarist ventured

into Hip-Hop.

“I grew up listening to Hip-Hop as well as Metal so it

was always something I was interested in," Wolbers told AllHipHop.com "I

grew up listening to N.W.A., the Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill. So when they

asked me to come in and play bass on their records I just started watching people

like Alchemist and DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill)."

Wolbers said he loved touring with Hip-Hop artists as well.

“It allows me to not only show my skills as a producer

[with the track that's playing], but they also use live bands so I get to play

the guitar or bass on stage with them,” Wolbers said. “It's a great

experience because Hip-Hop has so much soul in the music."

Although a noted guitarist, Wolbers said he enjoys the production end of Hip-Hop.

"I am on tour right now with Fear Factory, so I haven't

gotten a chance to really sit in the studio and make beats,” Wolbers said.

“I miss that a lot. But I did bring some equipment on the road with me

so I can work on making some head bangers."

Aside from touring, Wolbers is hard at work putting together some finishing

touches on a track for B Real of Cypress Hill's debut solo album.

“As soon as I get back [from tour] we will lay the vocals

down,” Wolbers revealed. “I think we are both excited about this

project because it's his first solo album, so we expect that it will be big.

I am just happy that I get to take part in it with my track."

Fear Factory is

currently on the Gigantour with Megadeth and will be releasing their latest

album Transgression on August 23.