Federal Investigators Reportedly Looking To Link Kodak Black To Florida Shooting

There's more troubling news for the 'Dying to Live' creator.

(AllHipHop News) In what seems to be a weekly pattern, Bill "Kodak Black" Kapri is accused of being involved in another crime. The latest federal investigation involves the 21-year-old rapper and a February shooting in Florida.

TMZ reports:

On March 7, prosecutors say, Kodak rolled up in a Porsche Panamera he rented and drove to the Golden Acres neighborhood in Pompano Beach, where Kodak grew up, and fired away. The feds say the intended target was a rival rapper, who was not hit but whose house -- filled with kids -- was littered with bullets. No one was hit.

Investigators claim to have a pistol from the scene which contained Kapri's fingerprints. Plus, the feds maintain they found the Porsche about 14 miles from the gun-downed home.

Authorities insist multiple witnesses saw the "Zeze" rhymer at the location. On the other hand, Kodak's attorney told TMZ, "Witnesses came forward to us as well and stated they did not see Kodak Black at the scene that night." He has not been formally charged for the Pompano Beach shooting.

In April, Kodak was arrested for trying to re-enter the United States from Canada. U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents arrested him for felony criminal possession of a weapon and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

He was also taken into custody last week during the Rolling Loud weekend in Miami for allegedly making a false statement on a government form while attempting to purchase firearms. In addition, Kodak is still facing a sexual assault case in South Carolina which stems from the allegations of a teenage girl in 2016.

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please lock this fool up. The world will be a much better place!