Federal Task Force Raids Murder Inc.

A special task force of Federal agents raided

the New York City offices of Murder Inc. yesterday (Jan. 3) as part of an investigation

into Irv Gotti. The task force has been formed to investigate Gotti and his

financial ties to Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff.

Investigators are trying to determine if McGriff

provided money from drug trafficking to launch Gotti's musical career. The task

force is investigating allegations of money laundering and gang ties.

McGriff gained notoriety in New York as a member

of The Supreme Team, which sold an estimated $10 million dollars worth of crack

in the mid '80's. were sent to prison. The Team controlled the Baisley Park

Houses in Queens, peddling an estimated 25,000 vials of crack a week.

McGriff was hit with drug and weapons charges

by the city's special narcotics prosecutor in 1985. He pleaded guilty and was

sentenced to nine years to life. Due to a technicality with the search warrant,

McGriff only served 22 months in prison before his case was thrown out.

McGriff is listed in the credits of the movie,

"Crime Partners 2000," starring Ja Rule, Snoop Dogg and Ice T. He

is described as co-author of the screenplay and executive producer of the DVD

only release.

JA Rule thanks "Preme" in the shout

out's on his latest album, The Last Temptation. "My nigga Preme

you said it 'we will not die until history records our greatness,' the notes