Feds Accuse Baltimore Rapper YGG Tay Of Paying $20,000 To Have Informant Killed

YGG Tay is denying some serious allegations from prosecutors.

(AllHipHop News) A well-known, rising rapper from Baltimore could have his career derailed just as it's taking off.

Prosecutors claim rapper YGG Tay put a $20,000 hit, which was carried out on a government witness who was testifying against a ruthless local gang of hitmen.

The shocking claims were made in court earlier this week as eight men from the Trained To Go Gang on trial on racketeering charges.

Prosecutors have labeled the Train To Go Gang as violent gangsters who hired out a group of "hitmen" known as the "Young Go Getters," to protect their heroin network.

The gang found out an associate named Guy Coffey was an informant.

Prosecutors claimed they warned Coffey not to come back to Baltimore, but he did and in June of 2018, he was murdered.

In total, the gang, which also served as a hit squad for the feared Black Guerrilla Family, is accused of killing 10 people between 2010 and 2016.

YGG Tay denied hiring a hitman or having any connection to the murders in an interview with the Baltimore Sun.

“That is completely false,” YGG said. “I’ve never even seen this guy before. I’ve never had a conversation about this guy. I don’t know how I’m connected to this guy. They have no evidence, so they shouldn’t be saying that to no judge.”