Feds Investigating Irv & Chris Gotti In Beating Death Of Drug Dealer

The Inc. CEO Irv “Gotti”

Lorenzo and his brother Christopher are the subject of a federal investigation

into the beating death of a New York drug dealer, according to the New York


The government is investigation

the 1993 beating of a man named Anthony Sylvester, who was beaten with a two-by-four

“embedded with nails.”

Federal authorities are

investigating Irv and his elder brother Christopher’s role in the beating,

which they believe is drug related.

Sylvester’s body was

dumped in a vacant lot in Manhattan. He survived his wounds, but was comatose

for eight months.

Sylvester survived ten years

with 24-hour medical attention and according to The New York Post, succumbed

to his wounds in October of 2003.

The NYPD recently produced

new witnesses and evidence to federal agents, who may go before a grand jury

to obtain a murder charge against the Lorenzo’s.

Christopher Lorenzo’s

lawyer Gerald Shargel dismissed the allegations and said in 1993 the Lorenzo’s

"were just hardworking kids just trying to make it as construction workers."

Both Lorenzo’s have

already pleaded not guilty to money laundering charges in a 37-page indictment

that was unsealed January 26th.

A source told AllHipHop.com

that the government was seeking to charge the brothers with murder, but had

not collected enough evidence.

"The government has

been trying to charge Irv with murder, they aren't happy with the tax charges,"

a source close to the case told AllHipHop.com. "Most people assumed it

would be a murder Irv may have had prior knowledge of, so this is surprising.

This is a way to accuse him of something that could lead to real prison time

and force him to enter a plea."

“They weren’t

happy with just the money laundering charges,” a source close to the investigation

told AllHipHop.com. “They have been actively seeking to charge them with


The Lorenzo’s are

charged with helping Queens, New York drug dealer Kenneth “Supreme”

McGriff launder millions of dollars in drug proceeds through the Murder Inc.

record label, home to multi-platinum singing star Ashanti and hit rapper Ja


McGriff has already been

charged with the 2001 revenge slaying of Queen's rapper Eric "E-Money Bags"


The Lorenzo brothers surrendered

to the FBI and are free on $1 million dollars bond each.