Feds Want To Seize Martin Shkreli's Rare Wu-Tang Clan Album

AllHipHop Staff

The world may get to hear that rare Wu-Tang album, thanks to the federal government.

(AllHipHop News) The federal government is looking to confiscate two pricey pieces of art from disgraced, "Pharmabro" Martin Shkreli.

According to reports, prosecutors are seeking to confiscate a Pablo Picasso painting, in addition to a rare album by Wu-Tang Clan.

Shkreli, who is facing 20 years in prison years for securities fraud, went on a spending spree and bought a one of a kind Wu-Tang Clan album titled Once Upon a Time in Shaolin back in 2015 for $2 million.

According to the Feds, they want the assets back because Martin Shkreli allegedly purchased the art with more than $7.3 million in ill-gotten funds.

In addition to the Picasso and the Wu album, prosecutors want to seize his other assets, including Lil Wayne's unreleased album Tha Carter V, a World War II code-breaking machine, and his interest in Turing Pharmaceuticals.

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@CommentPlus You ain't neva lied!!


Its people walking around here with wu-tang tattoos on their body. How could you deprive them of the ability to hear your new body of work? Thought wu-tang was for the kids but now its just for 1 white man, that's crazy.