Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson Gives His Account Of Michael Brown Shooting


(AllHipHop News) Over two months ago 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson. Up until this point, Wilson's side of what took place that day has not become public, but the New York Times is reporting to have information about what Wilson told government officials briefed on the federal civil rights investigation into the matter.

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The Times reports:

The officer, Darren Wilson, has told the authorities that during the scuffle, Mr. Brown reached for the gun. It was fired twice in the car, according to forensics tests performed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The first bullet struck Mr. Brown in the arm; the second bullet missed.

The forensics tests showed Mr. Brown’s blood on the gun, as well as on the interior door panel and on Officer Wilson’s uniform. Officer Wilson told the authorities that Mr. Brown had punched and scratched him repeatedly, leaving swelling on his face and cuts on his neck.

The article does point out that Wilson's account does not clarify why Brown was shot at after the initial incident at the police vehicle. Multiple witnesses have stated that Wilson pursued Brown as he was running away and then fired on the teen as he put his hands in the air to surrender.

Officials do not believe the evidence gathered so far is enough for federal civil rights charges against Wilson. There is a St. Louis County investigation into the shooting also taking place.

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