Fetty Wap Rival, Rapper Fuzz Busted After Flossing With Huge Stolen Chain


One of Fetty Wap’s rivals has been busted for robbing the rapper of his famous “1738” gold chain.

by Mike Winslow

(AllHipHop News)

Police collard Raheem Thomas after he flashed a picture of himself with the massive gold piece on Instagram.

According to TMZ.com, Thomas is a rapper who goes by the name of Fuzz.

Fuzz was featured on the track “Got Em,” with his crew The Muscle Team.

Fuzz claims he financed recordings earlier in Fetty’s career, including the song “Trap Queen,” only to be cut out of his share of royalties.

In December of 2016, Fuzz announced he was banning Fetty Wap from Paterson, and offered to fight “Trap Queen” producer Nitt da Grit to a $20,000 fight.

Former associate and rapper P Dice, who is also featured on the diss track “Got Em.”

P Dice has a pending $7 million lawsuit against Fetty for allegedly cheating him out of money for songs like “6,7,9.”

According to TMZ.com, Fuzz has been charged with gun crimes for the shooting which left three people injured, but not the actual robbery itself

The massive piece was handcrafted by Elliott Avianne, a well known jeweler to the Hip-Hop stars.