Fetty Wap's Assistant Protects Her Rep And Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Rapper

Fetty Wap's claims that his assistant stole money from him have triggered another lawsuit.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Fetty Wap is facing another lawsuit from a former employee, the same one who is also suing him for not paying up hundreds of thousands of dollars in back wages.

One of Fetty's ex-employees named Shawna Morgan sued the rapper for $240,000, maintaining his RGF Productions owed her expenses for fronting funds for some of the rapper’s early touring activity.

Fetty issued a comment in early August, claiming Shawna Morgan stole from him, by taking extra cuts from the rapper’s shows.

Now, Morgan has filed legal motions against the rapper again , this time for defamation of character and breach of contract.

Morgan still maintains Fetty currently owes her 5 to 10% of the booking fees from his shows, and she declared she is still owed the $240,000 she was requesting in her original lawsuit.


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