Fetty Wap Suspect Says He Would “Love to Take Credit” For Robbery But He Didn’t Do It

A suspect reportedly connected to a dispute involving rapper FETTY WAP has been arrested, but he is denying involvement in the crime.

Fetty was not among those injured and is not considered a suspect, however he has refused to cooperate with police in regards to an investigation into the altercation, part of which was recorded on a bystander’s phone.

Fuzz took to Instagram to deny he had anything to do with the robbery and stated that everyone in his neighborhood was taking pictures with Fetty’s massive, custom “1738” pendant.

“Just to set the record straight. I personally didn’t take @fettywap1738 chain. I’m not responsible for no one else action but my own,” Fuzz said. “I don’t have a personal problem Fetty Wap. He just a good kid in the way. How he got his chain taken I don’t know and I don’t care. That’s none of my business. Did I take a picture with it? Yes. The whole down the hill got a picture with it on…I will love to take the credit for it but unfortunately, my Instagram is no liar.”

Fuzz is CEO of The Muscle Team. He was featured with a number of local rappers who recorded a song called “Got Em,” which is a diss record towards Fetty Wap.

The song also featured rapper P. Dice, a former member of Fetty’s crew, who claims he is owed $7 million for writing the song “679.”

In April of 2016, P Dice was hit with attempted murder charges in April of 2016, for a shootout that left a 7-year-old boy injured.

He was sprung from prison on a $250,000 bail, which was posted by Nascar team owner Ralo Wonder and his Wonder Boy imprint, which then released the Fetty Wap diss track “No Vaseline 2.”