Field Mob Denies Dissing NY Rappers, Says Video Is Fabricated

Atlanta rap duo Field Mob has addressed the rumors regarding comments they made about New York rappers on Raw Report DVD Magazine's "Platinum Plus Series: Ludacris Presents Disturbing the Peace."

In the footage circulating the Internet, two portions of what is a full-length DVD were integrated to create a fabricated controversy, according Field Mob's label and management Disturbing the Peace.

"The video that has made its way to the message boards across the net of Field Mob dissing New York rappers is false," the label stated. "Field Mob in no way has any beef with anyone in New York. In fact, people from Field Mob's label and management are from New York."

In one segment on the tape, the two group members (Shawn J and Smoke) are shown poking fun at New York slang while on their tour bus.

According to the group, the dialogue was actually a joke between the duo and their manager, who hails from New York, the label stated.

The second piece of footage shows Field Mob discussing the phrase "we gotta bring New York back," which was their way of expressing concern that the underlying sentiments of the phrase are demeaning the recent success of Southern rappers.

The original footage from The Raw Report in its entirety is available on Field Mob's official Web site (