Field Mob Gets Their Own Cartoon

Fans who purchase copies of Georgia based group

Field Mob's latest CD, From Tha Roota To Tha Toota, will be able to access

cartoons on the website.

The series of cartoons is being offered as an

incentive to thwart bootlegging and to reward those that purchase the CD. The

first "Field Boyz" cartoon spoof the latest trends in gold grill dental

adornments and the guys' craziest dreams of over the top tooth treatments.

The cartoons were created by Pileated Pictures.

To provide the Field Mob cartoons, MCA has drawn on Infotect's CDKey technology,

which identifies the album in the owner's CD-ROM drive to permit the special

content and other rewards to be delivered securely and only to intended end-users.

From Tha Roota To The Toota, which hit

stores Tuesday (Oct. 22) features production by Jazze Pha, Earth Tone, Ole E

and Willie Cool.