Fila Producing Rock Steady Shoe

Footwear company Fila has developed a new show with Crazy Legs and the Rock Steady Crew.The “Rock Steady” is labeled as a "retro shoe" designed to pay homage to the legendary crew. The heel comes with "Rock Steady Crew 77” on the heel, that was inspired by 1980's B-Boy tees.“B-boying is physical, competitive and contributes to the active lifestyle. As a sports brand, that is important to us. The beauty is that it also ties to music, which is key to our core target,” said Mark Westerman, Fila’s VP Marketing Communication. “Fila’s partnership with Crazy Legs and the Rock Steady Crew enables the company to further connect with today’s kids through an activity that combines sport andnentertainment.”The "Rock Steady" will be available in white/ royal blue/ Diablo red and is a favorite of Crazy Legs, as these are the colors of the Puerto Rican flag. The shoe will also come in white/white/ash.The "Rock Steady" is set to debut at retail in April of 2004.