First Blind Emcee


occasional crazy behavior, hip hop has yet to

have a major rapper deemed "handicapped." Blind

emcee, ironically named SuperVision, aims to change all

that with his debut album, 20/20 on Capitol Records. At

8 years-old, SuperVision (aka Damin Bordenave) lost his

eye sight after contracting pink eye, a normally curable

eye ailment. However, when the pink eye matured into glaucoma,

SuperVision underwent a series of operations that were unable

to prevent his subsequent blindness.

A few years

after losing his sight, a 12 year-old Damin recorded his

first demo and a 4-song EP, Blind Styles, at 14. Under the

moniker SuperVision, he rhymed in the Sprite MC Battle,

on the World Famous syndicated Wake-Up Radio Show, opened

innumerable concerts and even battled Eminem in the Rap


With hip-hop,

SuperVision aims to take his craft to the next level and

follow in the footsteps of pioneers who share his blindness.

"I’m the blind wonder of hip-hop just as Stevie

Wonder is the blind wonder of R&B and Ray Charles is

the blind wonder of the blues," he said. In honor,

he recorded "Supervison," a cover of Stevie’s

classic jam "Superstitious." Currently, 20/20

has a release date of August 28 and will perform on the

"Seagrams Hip-Hop Tour 2001" with Mystikal, Jaheim

and Jagged Edge.