First Listen: Lyfe Jennings' Lyfe Change

Lyfe Jennings previewed some tracks off his new record Lyfe Change to a group of New York writers in a spiffy Sony BMG executive lounge hovering NYC’s mid-town - a room that would be considered stuffy if Lyfe’s laid-back ease weren’t in it. The “Must Be Nice” singer has made his most eclectic album yet, each track covering a different spectrum of music - reggae, rock, and Hip-Hop. The Ohio artist is definitely figuring out how to walk the line of heavy beats, haunting melodies, and prolific song writing."Keep On Dreaming"This is absolutely Wyclef inspired. It’s Hip-Hop with a bit of electric guitar thrown in there all woven into a message that the song title gives away. "Warriors"Simple bass, simple beat. He's straight up in the Hip-Hop influenced area. He talks about how people around him, going to jail, hustling, simply trying to make a living are true warriors."Never Never Land"Lyfe’s second single, he’s excited about the All Access Granted filming the making of and the single as it is. It’s already climbing the R&B charts."I'm The DJ""I'm no club guy," says Lyfe before he introduces this track. The most commercial track Lyfe has ever done. This guy's about having a good time right now. If you thought "Cops Up" was left field for Lyfe, this will confuse you."It's Real"Lyfe writes and sings about HIV on this one. There’s whistling, there’s finger snapping...sounds like “Rock To It.” It’s about how a possible contracting of AIDS comes from a casual night when you least expect to be careful. Pretty frank."You Think You Got It Bad featuring Wyclef Jean"So far, the most instrumental track. Lyfe's lyrics are still intact. With Wyclef vocals intertwining his over a slowed-reggae groove he makes sure we look at others around us for better perspective on what we think is bad. Wyclef’s signature sound gives away who produced it."Old School featuring Snoop Dogg"You can only imagine how chill this track is just by knowing Snoop is on it. With a line describing Lyfe having an air freshener that smells like chicken, pork, and beans you might laugh then go, “Eek!”"Brand New featuring Lil Wayne and TI"Amazing! It has an interpolation of "If I Ruled The World" in it. It's one of Lyfe's best recordings on the subject of staying the same-old you even after getting mad money, not changing it…for a brand new you."Midnight Train"Lyfe was inspired by John Lennon’s music on this one. It’s guitar heavy and melodious. The old-school pop singer-songwriter feeling was absolutely channeled."Will I Ever"It’s all live music on the recording. Here he really goes into contemplating whether he's ever going to find the one that he loves. Pretty deep. Jennings is definitely influenced by Rock/Soul on this one. It’s really vulnerable."Cops Up"

Watch out for Lyfe Change dropping on Tuesday, April 29th.