First On SoundCloud Campaign Spotlights Taylor Bennett, Kehlani & More

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

All SoundCloud creators can participate by uploading tracks with the hashtag #SCFIRST.

(AllHipHop News) SoundCloud launched a new adverting campaign centered around celebrating the acts who started their creative journey on the service. "First On SoundCloud" will feature Kehlani, Taylor Bennett, Galimatias, Lorine Chia, Melo Makes Music, Party Pupils, Jay Prince, Cathedrals, starRo, and Witt.

Each of their stories will be spotlighted on the platform's apps, playlists, social feeds, and newsletters. In addition, all users of the site will have the opportunity to have an original track promoted across SoundCloud.

"SoundCloud is the only truly open audio platform, built for creators first,” says Kerry Trainor, SoundCloud CEO. “Creators are the center of our ecosystem, and this campaign underscores our commitment to empower them with the best tools, data and resources to share their work, inspire their audiences, and build their careers on SoundCloud first.”

By tagging their uploaded content with #SCFIRST, SoundCloud creators could see specialized promotion via:

  • “First On SoundCloud” playlist: Creators uploading their latest tracks to SoundCloud with the tag #SCFIRST will be considered for inclusion in the “First On SoundCloud” playlist on SoundCloud’s homescreen, giving them global exposure to new fans, plays, likes and follows.
  • #SCFIRST on social: After uploading a track to SoundCloud with the tag #SCFIRST, creators can use SoundCloud’s seamless Twitter integration to immediately tweet their track with the #SCFIRST hashtag. SoundCloud will be randomly selecting creator tweets and tracks to promote to its millions of social followers.
  • Fast track consideration for monetization in SoundCloud Premier: Creators uploading content with the tag #SCFIRST will also be reviewed for inclusion in the SoundCloud Premier monetization program, which offers creators a leading revenue share and additional promotional resources from SoundCloud.
  • #SCFIRST in SoundCloud newsletters and blog: SoundCloud will also randomly choose creators who upload their tracks using #SCFIRST for spotlights in SoundCloud’s newsletters and blog posts.

“We’re inspired and humbled to have such an incredible line-up of artists tell their stories of starting on SoundCloud, and to connect them with even more fans through the campaign. These stories represent the millions of creative journeys that begin on SoundCloud first," adds Erika Leone, SoundCloud's Director of Brand and Integrated Marketing.