First Rap Show In Branson Featuring Nelly Runs Into Trouble With City

(AllHipHop News) The first rap show to ever be held in the resort town of Branson, Missouri has encountered problems from city officials, over a concert featuring St. Louis artist Nelly. Concert promoter Paul Dunn originally wanted to hold a concert featuring Nelly in the parking lot of The Grand Palace, which is undergoing renovations inside. The parking lot of the venue can hold about 6,000 people, while the inside of The Grand Palace can house 4,000. According to the Springfield’s News-Leader, city Planning Director Jim Lawson denied the application citing several concerns, including noise, parking and crowd control. Lawson also claimed that Dunn began promoting the event prior to submitting an application for the concert, which is scheduled for August 21st. Dunn, who will attempt to appeal the denial tonight, claimed that Lawson asked for un updated application, which was then used against him. "The following day that update and resubmit was used against me in a press release stating we announced this event and start of ticket sales before applying," Dunn’s appeal letter to the board reads. The promoter’s appeal will include new outlines for security along with signed documents from neighbors who welcome the concert, which is expected generate about $500,000 for the resort city.Branson is a resort city located in Missouri and is traditionally associated with country singers like Wayne Newton, Kenny Rogers and Pat Boone.According to organizers, about 3,000 tickets have already been sold.