First-Week Sales Projections For Russ' 'Zoo' Album Are In

Is the New Jersey/Georgia bred artist headed toward a win?

(AllHipHop News) For some reason, Russ became the "L" leader in certain circles of the internet. But is he on pace to take a commercial loss in the real world?

His new album, Zoo, landed on September 7. HitsDailyDouble has published the first-week sales projections for Russ' sophomore major label LP. As of press time, Zoo is expected to open in the range of 70,000 - 80,000 units.

That would be a significant jump from the week-one sales for 2017's There's Really a Wolf which launched with 49,000 units. Wolf went on to earn platinum status and hosted the double-platinum hit "What They Want."

It would be impressive for Russ to collect 70K - 80K units without any singles from Zoo breaking onto the Hot 100 or Hot Rap Songs charts. But in a year where other Hip Hop acts are putting up sales stats north of 100K units, 80K suggests the Columbia recording artist hasn't cracked into the upper echelon of rappers with the highest consumer demand.

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Russ is the whitest non-white rapper out there and an absolute arrogant, cornball idiot. Dude's fake woke as shit.


Russ is dope