Fitness Files: Styles P

By the look of his new trimmed down stature, Styles P seems to be taking care of himself more like a gentleman than a gangster these days. The once-stocky hard rock gave little consideration to a diet and exercise regimen, as grape quarter waters, heavy smoking and frequent fast food would be on his daily menu.

The Ghost was later sentenced to a brief bid in the pen, leading him to hit the weights heavy while incarnated. In turn he came home a little bit more chiseled, but was forced to overcome a tragic accident before he fully regained his health.

Now Styles P has switched up his entire modus operandi when it comes to his fitness. A lover of natural liquids, we met up with P at his favorite juice bar in Harlem. Peep how The Hardest Out gets it in on a health tip. You’ve clearly slimmed down in weight. What made you change your diet?

Styles P: I got back into working out hard while I was in the county penitentiary when I did that stabbing. I was mad stocky, I was big when I came home. A year later I was fat - I wasn’t on the TV or none of that and I got mad big. So I just started running and all of that. What people don’t know if I tore my pectoral muscle so I was hurt, so when I got out of the lab on that, I was going in.

Nobody was seeing me except for ni**as in the hood, I had my hoody on. I kept f***ing up parts on my body, then I broke my leg. After I broke my leg I said f*** it, after this heal I’m going in. I won’t gain weight while my leg broke. I was on my hands a lot, hopping up and down on the steps, doing some push ups; crazy sh*t. What you don’t know is that they thought I wasn’t going to walk. I got hit by a Mack truck. My joint was broken in five places but everything was lined up right. They don’t know what happened. When I first I got there they didn’t think I would be able to walk. I feel if I wasn’t on my work out sh*t I would have been finished. How many push ups can you do without stopping?

Styles P: In one clip, probably a buck and change [over 100] - it depends on how I’m feeling and my day. I work out frequently. I try to go extremely hard. I go to the juice bars, and get my wheat grass, my garlic, my ginger, my pineapple, my roots; a dab of honey. I don’t eat chicken, I don’t eat beef. I only eat fish. Me too. I’m trying to let go of the fish though.

Styles P: Me too, but I lost too much weight when I did that last time. Now I’m trying to gain a little bit of weight. I just want to gain like five more pounds, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I [have] been trying for like a month now. My weight was so down, my old lady was like, “Your back ain’t right, I’m used to you with a big back and big chest.” You got to remember I was chubby, but then I started working out then she was used to me being stocky for a few years. So I started going in super crazy on my mountain bike, hitting the park for pull ups, push ups. A couple of months ago I just met the Bartendaz. I can’t even describe what they do on the pull up bars… they brolic. Do you miss any of those fatty foods?

Styles P: Sometimes, like on Thanksgiving - I haven’t done this in three years. I’ll have some organic turkey if my whole family is there. The next day I’ll just eat mad watermelon, grapes, apples, ginger. Its not for no religious [cause], mine is just for health. If I wanted to do chicken… I can’t do it though. Like three years ago I had a relapse and I had some chicken but I was dumb tired. It tasted good, I didn’t get sick. Even when I came home from jail when I ate chicken, I ate organic and farm-raised.

Ultimately I want to get to all juices one day. That’s in my older life for a clear mind state. What you eat helps your mind. I might get some organic turkey bacon to eat for Thanksgiving, and then never eat it again. I get that soy bacon, but it’s high in salt.

Styles P: I eat the vegan bacon all the time. That’s what I’m saying. I don’t like heavy salt. I f*** with Sazon tough, that’s my favorite seasoning.Check out Styles P speaking the Bartendaz and some footage of their amazing exercise regime!