Fitness Files: Winky Wright

AllHipHop Staff

After making his mark as the Light Middleweight

Champion, Winky Wright took on the challenge of boosting his weight to fight in

the Middleweight class. He has practiced rigorous workouts and a specialized diet to maintain his physique after bulking up, and maintains focus by staying grounded through the love of his family.

Just as he grew in as a champion in the ring, he’s

also expanded his horizons with his own record label, a promotions company and

even some modeling gigs with the likes of Rocawear and 2-xist.

We spoke with Winky to get some of his training

secrets for those five-hour-a-day workouts, and found out a little more about

his life motivation. When you train, what kind of eating

plan do you have to have to bulk up?

Winky Wright: I tried to bulk up by eating the

right things, and put weight on by weight training and [making sure] we don't

lose our speed - not just putting the weight on, being heavy and slow. That

was hard to do that, especially in that short [period] of time. There's certain

foods like baked chicken, vegetables, potatoes and stuff like that - stuff

that'll stick to me and give me that kind of energy while I'm doing all of

those exercises. Are there any particular foods you

have to cut out of your diet?

Winky Wright: Well, when you're gaining weight you

really don't have to cut too many foods out, because the bad foods are what's

gonna make you gain weight. But you have to eat more of the good foods to gain

weight in the right way. That's what we had to do, and like I said, it was

tough eating so much.

Usually when I train I have to eat less and cut

weight. That's what I'm used to and what

I put my body towards, rigorous training and a lot of cardio, situps, ab works,

stuff like that to get my body cut. But at that heavier weight, it's harder to

get my body cut and keep that weight on. In any given day, how many hours do

you work out?

Winky Wright: A basic day would be where I get up

in the morning and train two hours as far as running, doing situps and jumping

rope, a lot of cardio in the morning. If I'm training in the afternoon I'll go

to the gym and do boxing, if I'm not boxing I'll hit the bags, jumping rope,

sparring and stuff like that. After that later on I'll go to the weight gym and

train and lift light weights to keep my strength up. At least five hours a day. Do you look at the body weight and

height [of your competitor] and try to mold your workout to help you fight that

person better?

Winky Wright: Exactly. Whatever the style of the

fighter is that you're fighting and whatever way that he fights, you wanna go

ahead and train in that way and manner. If I'm fighting a guy that likes to box

outside stick and move and he's quick, in my training I'm gonna do quick

movements - movements that I can work on and be quick with as far as a lot of

running around and moving.

But as far as if I'm fighting a guy that slugs a

lot that will try to go for the knockout punch, I'm gonna train more on the

weights and get myself strong, because I know he's gonna be slugging and I

might just have to catch him, so I'm gonna take my time and try to catch him. With the mentality you have to have

as a boxer and how you've transitioned your career into music and television,

do you read books or do meditations to keep [yourself] positive?

Winky Wright: No, I'm just around my family and

kids. Being with them and watching the things that they like to do and see. You

try to keep yourself as a good example. You wanna be able to have your kids

tell their friends, "My dad is a good role model that's positive." I

try to look at that kind of stuff and keep myself grounded in not doing anything