Five FT Of Black Moon Convicted On Drug Charges

Five FT of rap group Black Moon was convicted

yesterday (March 6) for the alleged sale of an illegal substance, stemming from

an incident in 2002.

The rapper is facing four to nine years, pending

sentencing which is scheduled for April 1.

Black Moon recently dropped an album, Total

Eclipse on Duck Down, which featured Five FT prominently.

According to Duck Down CEO Dru Ha, when Five

FT was arrested, no drugs or marked money was found and he was

convicted based solely on police testimony.

"Whether Five was guilty or not, it seems

completely unfair that an individual can face 4-9 years in prison for the alleged

sale of less than 5 grams of cocaine," Duck Down CEO Dru Ha told

"I don't know the technicalities of the laws, but I would bet if a college

kid was convicted for the sale of a pound of weed, they wouldn't be facing 4-9

years. They were able to convict him as an alleged accomplice to the individual

who made the sale."

Dru Ha said the group was enjoying a successful

return to the rap game with their recent album and that Five was featured on

more songs on Total Eclipse than on any previous Black Moon records.

"He really stepped his rap game up, both

with lyrical substance and delivery," Dru Ha said. "Buckshot and Evil

Dee will continue to record and perform under the name Black Moon."

The group is scheduled to film a video for their

second single "This Goes Out To You" next weekend and will then head

off to Canada and Europe for a three week tour.