Five People Shot After E-40 Concert In Denver

AllHipHop Staff

Police in Denver, Colorado are investigating a shootout following an E-40 Concert that left five people wounded last night (December 26).

According to police, the shooting occurred around 2:00 am outside of the club as it closed, after E-40 had performed without incident inside the venue.

Local residents in the area have stated that fights frequently break out at the club, which is located at 11th Avenue and Broadway in downtown Denver.

A witness to the shooting said he heard automatic gunfire, followed by a large crowd scattering for cover.

"It was bullets flying everywhere. It was automatic. It was like a machine gun, ba-dop ba-bop ba-bop ba-bop. It was just really crazy," witness Kendall Davis told Denver‘s 9 News. "At first we hear a wave of shots and we didn't realize it was gunfire until we seen a lot of people running by. So then definitely I wanted to secure our building, so we hit all the lights, locked the front door, secured our business because we didn't want any shooters running in."

One victim is in critical condition while four others were treated for minor wounds and later released.

E-40’s latest album Ball Street Journal is in stores now.